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Posted by Deepak on 16th Oct 2020

6 Reasons Why we should move to Organic NOW

Organic farming is a method of crop production that strives for sustainability, the enhancement of soil fertility and biological diversity without using pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms,

6 Reasons Why we should move to Organic  

Environmental safety - Organic foods are locally grown and pose very minimal interference to the environmental resources that support healthy living. Since harmful chemicals are forbidden in organic farming, there is minimum water, air and soil pollution therefore ensuring a healthier and safer environment.

Antioxidant - Organic foods are rich source of antioxidant. The positive impacts of antioxidants obtained from organic foods include prevention of heart disease, cancer, vision problems, premature aging, and cognitive malfunction.

Pesticide Reduction - Farmers use pesticides to protect their crops from bugs. Pesticides consist of harmful chemicals like organophosphorus. This is an unnatural mineral compound that is not required by humans, but more than 80% of this material in our bodies comes from eating pesticide-coated foods. Organophosphorus has been connected to a number of developmental problems, including autism and ADHD.

Immune System Boost - Organic products are free from genetic modifications. Genetic modification is still in its early stages, so the long-term effects of it on human health aren’t understood very well. In animal testing, genetically modified food showed a major reduction in immune system strength, an increase in birth mortality, as well as in certain sexual dysfunctions, cancers, and sensitivity to allergens.

Overall Health - Organic food is not prepared using chemical fertilizers, it does not contain any traces of these strong chemicals and does not affect the human body in negative ways. In Organic farming Natural fertilizers, like manure are used.

Better Taste- Organic food tastes better than conventional food as it is produced using organic means of production. It also take less time to cook. Organic products are easy to digest as they got cooked very easily.